Hotel / restaurant industry

The service you expect from your employees, given to you by a professional bookkeeper.

Years of experience to help you manage your business

Years of experiance

Not only was I a restaurant manager and restaurateur but I also have over 6 years experience working with hotels both as a tax professional in public practice and as a senior accountant for a multiple property corporation.

Trusted partner

I know how stressful the industry can be. I not only want to help you process payroll and stay compliant with all taxing agencies, but I also want to ensure that you are maximizing your bottom line.

Consistent online support

Because I work from a virtual office I am available during the times you need me. I understand that your business is not open 9-5 so I will be there when you need me.


I started working in the restaurant business when I was 15 years old. I stated as a host for Applebee’s and through out the years work my way up to a server and cook to assistant general manager. I left the corporate restaurant world and joined with a few smaller restaurants until I finally decided to by my own.

I owned and operated a family orientated breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant for 6 years. I successfully sold it after the birth of my second child.

I then entered into public accountant where I managed an office that worked with over 80 single property hoteliers. I oversaw the processing of payroll, sales and employment taxes, monthly financial statements, corporate tax returns, and individual tax returns of the owners.

This unique background will allow me to tailor make services for your particular needs. I understand the importance of food costs, turnover, and occupancy better than most accountants.